How To Halt Saplings Growing Through Your Chain Link Fence

When building a new chain link fence on your commercial property, it's standard practice to clear the ground along the fence line prior to installation. But wherever there is open ground available, plants are sure to follow, including young trees. If you have noticed young saplings growing up through your chain link fence, you will need to act quickly to keep them from permanently damaging it. With the assistance of an experienced commercial tree service and these four steps, you should be able to both rid your fence of its leafy invaders and prevent future growth along your fence line. 

Checking for Damage Along the Fence

Before you start removing saplings, you or your service should walk the entire fence line to get a better idea of both the extent of your tree problem and the damage done. Many types of trees will weave their way through chain link for the extra support it provides, but once they grow too big, they can break the fence links and encourage rust. If the saplings have distorted or broken enough of the fence, it may be more cost-effective to simply remove the old chain link and reinstall new fencing across the remaining posts.

Cutting Down the Trees

If the fencing is still in good shape, you or your tree service can begin removing the saplings one by one. Always be aware of tension when performing this work; saplings tangled up in fencing can store a surprising amount of potential energy in the form of tension, which may be released suddenly and dangerously when the trunk is cut. When in doubt, leave the tree removal to the experts instead of risking your own personal safety.

Extricating Trunks and Branches

Once the saplings have been cut, you can begin the often long and frustrating task of extracting them from the fencing. This may involve further trimming, as well as winding branches through a series of fence links to free them. By the time this is done, your fence should be back to its intended appearance, if perhaps a little bent in places.

Discouraging the Growth of Future Saplings

The easiest way to prevent trees encroaching on your chain link fence in the future is to pour concrete along its base, but this may not be an option if you are on a budget or have other zoning restrictions. Talk to your tree removal service about available herbicides or physical barriers that can be used to block new saplings before they have a chance to take hold in your fence. Through this simple precaution, you may be able to extend the lifespan of your commercial fence by years or even decades. 

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