3 Ideas For An Attractive Landscaping Design With Your Tree Trimming This Winter

If you want your home to have healthy trees, pruning them during the winter months is important. This is also a time when you may want to consider doing landscaping improvements for next spring. Shaping your trees can be a great way to give your yard a unique design, with things like braiding trunks, shaping canopies, and artistic designs. Here are some ideas to help give your landscaping an attractive design with tree trimming:

1. Braiding Trunks To Create Unique Landscaping Features With Trees

Braiding trunks is something that can be done with many species of trees shrubs. Usually, this is done with species that have a thinner girth at the base of the trunk. You can braid the trunks of ficus, fruit trees, and many other plants. This is something that you will want to start with when the tree is young, and gradually develop the braiding every season. You want to loosely tie the trunks of branches together and tighten them as they grow. As the tree grows, you can add more strands to the design using grafting techniques.

2. Shaping Canopies To Add Open, Shaded Space To Your Landscaping Design

You can also do different shaping designs in tree canopies. If you want to have more shade in your yard, you may want the tree to grow to a certain height and train the canopy to grow out. This can be done by cutting the new growth out of the top of the canopy and doing minimal tree trimming on the sides to allow the tree to grow more outward than upward. This is a great way to add valuable shade to your landscaping with your trees.

3. Using Trees To Create Artistic Designs And Features In Your Landscaping

You may also want to create artistic features in your landscaping design. Trees and shrubs that have a fast growth rate can be good for designs and artistic features in your yard. You may even want to consider slower methods with fruit trees and other species, which can give you options like creating living tables, chairs and garden furniture. If you are just getting started with tree shaping, choose faster-growing plants to practice your technique.

Trimming trees can be done in a way that accents the design of your landscaping. If you need help with your tree trimming, contact a tree trimming service and discuss using some of these techniques to improve the appearance of your landscaping. 

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