3 Tips To Help Reduce Hazards While Waiting To Have A Problem Tree Removed

Trees can be a danger in your yard that may require removal. The problem is that it can sometimes be hard to get the problem taken care of. To reduce hazards while waiting to have a tree removed, there are some things that you may want to do or have done. Topping the tree and removing the most dangerous branches. Here are some tips to help reduce hazards while waiting on your tree removal:

1. Cutting Branches That Are Touching Or Near Utility Lines

Utility lines can be a real danger when they are touching trees. When there is water this can cause you to be shocked by the current running through the lines. This is why it is important to have any branches or debris that is on or near the lines removed. If the line has been damaged due to wind or storms, contact the utility service before you do anything. You may also want to have a tree service cut the limbs back that are too close to the lines and may cause a hazard if they fall.

2. Removing Dead And Damaged Branches That Are At Risk Of Falling

Removing dead limbs is another task that you will need to do with hazardous trees. Any limbs that are dead should be removed from the tree to ensure they do not fall. In addition, there may also be branches that have been damaged in wind, which can be a hazard that you will want to remove to ensure your home is safe. You can contact a tree service to help with the emergency removal of these dangerous branches and talk with them about the removal of the tree.

3. Topping The Tree To Reduce The Hazard Of It Falling 

Sometimes, a tall tree that is dead can be a hazard. They can fall on your home or someone. You may want to have the tree topped to reduce the risk of it falling. This is the process of cutting the canopy out of the tree. A tree service can remove the branches and top of the area to keep the tree from falling. This can also be an option for wooded properties and trees that are a safe distance from property and people, which is called a tree snag. A tree snag is a one that is killed or dead and left standing for the purpose of providing nesting grounds for wildlife like birds.

These are some tips that can help you reduce hazards while waiting to have a tree removal done. If you have a tree that is a hazard, contact a tree service such as Good Morrow to help with these tasks and the removal of the tree. 

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