How Mulch Affects Your Tree's Development

If you just recently planted some new trees around your property, it is vital that you put mulch around the base of your trees. Mulch plays a very vital role in the overall development of your trees.

#1 Weeds

Weeds are bound to want to compete for all the water and fertilizer that you are providing your new tree with. You don't want weeds to be growing around the base of your new tree because they will be competing with your new tree for the resources that it needs to grow and thrive.

One easy way to cut down on the presence of weeds directly around your tree is by laying down a layer of mulch. Laying down a layer of mulch will help protect the root base of your brand new tree from encroaching weeds, and you'll need to pull weeds that are growing near your tree a lot less frequently.

To get the most weed protection out of your mulch, make sure that you pull out and remove as many of the weeds around your tree as possible before you put the mulch down. It will be much more difficult for the weeds to grow back through the mulch.

#2 Water

With young trees, it is essential that they get enough water to promote growth. When you add mulch to the base of your tree, every time you water, the water will stick around for longer. Mulch helps keep the soil around your tree moister for a longer period of time, allowing your tree to soak in the water. Mulch helps slow down the evaporation process.

When you water your tree, after you put mulch around it, you'll want to add additional time to how long you water. For example, if you normally water for fifteen minutes, add an extra five minutes onto your watering time. This will allow more water to make it through the mulch and to your tree's roots.

#3 Insulation

When winter rolls around, the ground around your new tree's root base is going to get cold and hard. When your trees roots are exposed to the air, they will feel the temperature changes more directly throughout the year. By putting mulch around the base of your young tree, you'll provide it with an extra layer of insulation. This will help the ground around your tree maintain a more constant temperature throughout the year and will protect your tree's roots from extreme temperature changes during the year.

In order to get insulation benefits, you don't want to just spread a thin layer of mulch around your tree. For mulch to provide your tree with insulation benefits, you'll need to make sure that your mulch is a couple of inches thick. If you live somewhere where it snows a lot, you'll want to make the mulch a little thicker. Contact a tree service for more information.

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