Starting Anew with Your Landscape? 3 Ways to Avoid High-Maintenance Costs with Your Trees

Trees can perform all sorts of duties on your property, and they can look rather different from one another. It makes sense why you might prefer one type of tree or one particular variety over another. If you are starting over with your landscape because attempting to fix it in its current state is a lost cause, you have a lot of decisions to make regarding the yard, especially when it comes to the trees. It is crucial not to expect immediate results unless you are willing to pay to have mature trees installed for you. The affordable way is to make sure you choose trees that do not give you any financial issues.

Not Reliant on Trimming

Most trees need to be trimmed over time, otherwise they could start to experience problems. One of them is excessively heavy branches that need to get cut down before they break on their own. Since breaking can lead to awkward growth, it is something that you will want to prevent from happening. A great example of a tree that fits the bill is the emerald arborvitae, which does not need trimming. Sure, the tree could look a little unkempt without trimming, but you can also save money without this service.

Avoid High Pest Risk

Certain trees do well against pests because they have so many natural resistances. But having the freedom to choose from a wide variety of trees is not something that people want to give up on. It is good to know what kinds of trees are at high risk of insects like tree borers so you can avoid the troublesome ones. The lilac borer is going to focus on lilac trees while the bronze birch borer loves the white birch tree. It is best to find out what insects are the most dangerous in your area and then avoid trees that are highly susceptible. A tree-care professional should have no problem giving this kind of information to you.

No Leaf Droppings

Fall leaves are fun to jump around in, but they are also a lot of work to clean. This is especially true when you do not have a leaf blower that you can use to speed up the cleaning process tremendously. Raking leaves by hand takes a while, and paying for professional removal of leaves costs an average of $329. The easiest way to avoid this problem is by looking at evergreen trees as they keep their leaves.

Growing trees with the right qualities can make all the difference in how much you end up spending on tree maintenance through the years. Call a company such as R. L. Elliott Enterprises, Inc. for more ideas. 

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