Four Of The Fastest-Growing Privacy Trees And Hedges

If you have recently moved into a new home or have some new neighbors building next door, you may not be especially excited about a lack of privacy in your yard. Many homes use protective screens of shrubs and hedges to block any unwanted eyes, but you don't have years to wait for your privacy landscaping to grow. These are some of the fastest growing hedges and trees on the market that are also lush and durable enough to block the view into your yard.

Leyland Cypress

Leyland cypress is a hybrid of two other cypress trees, resulting in a tree that flourishes in sunny areas. Because they can happily survive in rocky soils and windy fields, Leyland cypress trees are some of the most popular barrier trees in landscaping today. These trees will grow very tall if allowed to do so, so you will either need to provide them with adequate space or trim them every year to curb their growth.


Cotoneaster is a relative of roses and comes in a number of varieties, ranging from crawling groundcovers to stately trees. If you live in a milder climate, you may even be able to choose an evergreen species. Cotoneaster is a good option for homeowners looking to avoid using conifers, and it has waxy leaves and brilliant red berries in the fall and winter. There are many species cultivated today, but the aptly named hedge cotoneaster is perhaps the best choice for privacy.

Border Forsythia

Border forsythia is one of the largest varieties of forsythia, a fast-growing flowering shrub that erupts into a spray of blossoms in the spring. If you want your privacy hedge to also put on a showy display, forsythia may be your best option. On the other hand, it may offer less screening than a conifer, and it loses its leaves entirely in winter, so it may need to be paired with another shrub for maximum effectiveness. This plant is only too eager to grow, so you will need regular maintenance and pruning to keep a line of them from taking over.

Nellie Stevens Holly

The dark luster of holly can add an understated elegance to your yard, and the shrubs require much less attention than most of the others on this list. This is because holly plants have a natural tendency to grow tidily, forming neat, tapered columns. Alternatively, they can easily be sculpted into a rectangular wall. In winter, bright red berries add a splash of color to the evergreen leaves. If you are looking for a fast-growing and hardy privacy screen, call your tree service today to learn about Nellie Stevens holly along with the rest of your options. Once you have reached the best decision for your home and climate, you will be able to get your new barrier in the ground and growing as quickly as possible. 

For more options and help with maintaining your privacy hedges and trees, it may be good to contact a professional tree service, like St Pete & Pinellas Tree Service.

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