How To Prepare For Stump Grinding

Removal of a tree stump is most effectively done by grinding. A removal contractor will use a large grinding wheel to grind out the bulk of the stump to well below the soil line. You can then fill in the area and sod over it, completely covering the site where the tree once stood. Although the process is relatively simple for the professional, you will need to make sure some preparation chores are taken care of before the stump grinders arrive.

Mark your utilities

A grinding contractor should notify the local utility companies, including water and gas, with a request to come out and mark the location of the lines. You will need to mark anything else that passes near the the tree stump, though, such as your underground water sprinkler lines. You can purchase small marking flags at any hardware store for this purpose. You don't want the stump grinder to accidentally grind up your sprinkler system because you forgot to mark it.

Mow the lawn

The day before the tree company comes out is an excellent time to mow the lawn. Shorter grass in the vicinity of the stump makes it easier to rake up and remove the wood chips and sawdust from the grinding process. Long grass can also become matted beneath the equipment, which can lead to dead spots since water can't soak in through the matted grass. A quick trim is all it takes to help protect the area and ease cleanup.

Turn off the sprinklers

Avoid watering for a day or two before the tree service arrives. Wet soil is more likely to develop ruts and tire damage when the grinder is driven into place next to the stump. Allowing the soil to dry slightly helps cut down on major damage. Although you will need to repair the lawn where the stump once was, you don't want to be stuck having to replace all of your grass. Plus, your service professionals will appreciate working in a dry area.

Clear an access path

Make sure the path to the tree stump is cleared. Move vehicles, patio furniture, or lawn ornaments that would prevent the workers from moving the grinder to the tree stump. A path wide enough for a vehicle to pass is preferable. By moving these items ahead of time on your own, you save the workers time and you can ensure that your items are handled carefully.

For more help, contact a tree removal and stump grinding company, such as Brown's Tree Service, in your area.

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