Why You Shouldn't Dabble In DIY Tree Removal During The Winter

Cutting down trees is a risky job at the best of times; it becomes even more dangerous if done during the winter season. Therefore, amateurs should think twice before cutting down trees during the winter. Here are three reasons tree removal is dangerous during the cold season:

Ease of Splintering

The risk of wood splintering is increased when temperatures fall. This is because the cold weather freezes the sap (water is a major component of tree sap), which expands and splinters the wood. In fact, bits of the wood may explode and fly off the tree. Such splinters can cause considerable damage; they can cut through your clothes and skin or even cause permanent damage to your eyes. Most people don't have the protective gear to prevent such injuries.

Chainsaw Complications

If you are going to use a chainsaw, then know that using a chainsaw in the winter is different from using it during any other season. For one, frozen wood chips can clog the nose sprocket and prevent it from turning. Secondly, lubricating oil thickens when temperatures fall, which means your chainsaw can easily heat up and malfunction. Not only that, but frozen wood is also harder to cut than wood at higher temperatures.

The professional tree removers know how to deal these complications, but do you? For example, professional tree removers know that they have to switch to thinner lubricating oil when the winter season starts. These are just a few examples of the potential complications; it's best not to use a chainsaw at this time if you don't have the relevant experience.

Slippery Ground

Everything tends to be wet and slippery during the winter season. The ground will be wet, the ladder will be wet, and tree branches and trunks will be slippery. This increases the risk of slipping and falling, which is bad at the best of times but can be catastrophic when cutting a tree. Imagine slipping and falling when using a chainsaw or just when the tree is about to fall. Again, professional tree removers have the experience of dealing with these risks and have the right protective gear for them.

Therefore, if you have to remove a tree during the winter, let a professional tree removal company handle it. Those people have the right safety gear, training, and experience for the job. Besides, they also have the right insurance to take care of their workers who may sustain injuries on the job. Contact a company like Johnson's Tree Service & Stump Grinding to learn more.

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