How To Get A Better Price On A Tree Removal Service

If it becomes necessary to cut down and remove a tree from your property, you might be looking at spending a lot of money. However, tree removal prices aren't set in stone, and since the price is dependent on numerous factors, there are a few effective things you can do to try to lower the total cost of the process.

Contact Your City And Utility Companies

Depending on where your tree is located, you might be able to get some, if not all, work done for free. Trees planted in certain areas may technically fall under the responsibility of the city, which means they may remove it themselves. If the tree is interfering with any utility lines, the utility company may decide to take care of it themselves as well. This obviously won't work in every case, but if you aren't sure, it's always a good option to make a few phone calls first.

Search For Wood Buyers

There is almost always a demand for firewood, and some buyers are even willing to put in some work to get some. This can help you in numerous ways. If you have a tree that needs to be cut down, you may be able to find someone nearby willing to cut down your tree for a reduced price – or even for free – in exchange for the wood. Alternatively, if you have a tree that is already fallen, you can advertise free wood for anyone willing to take it away themselves. Be sure to specify the type of wood; some trees are highly sought after. Before you let just anyone start cutting, however, make sure they are experienced or licensed.

Don't Pay For Extra Services

Many tree removal companies will offer additional services, often for convenience, but they may come bundled in the total cost. For this reason, it's important to make sure you know exactly what you're paying for. If you want to cut some costs by putting up an advertisement for free wood once your tree is cut down, for example, make sure you're not paying to have the whole tree hauled away or for the limbs to be chipped. Make sure to be specific about your needs and get everything in writing. If for any reason your other options don't work out, you can always come back to the professional service later.

Clean The Area Around The Tree

Removing a tree is dangerous work, and some companies may charge extra for working under certain conditions. You can help avoid this by making sure that the area surrounding the tree, as well as any path the tree may fall toward, is clear of debris. This means some extra work on your part, but it also means that you won't have to pay for anyone to do anything you can do yourself. However, avoid trying to trim down the tree yourself, especially if the tree is leaning dangerously.

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