4 Factors That Influence The Price Of Having A Tree Removed

If you have a tree in your yard that you know you want to have removed, here are a few of the factors that the tree company may take into consideration when determining the overall price for your tree removal:

#1 The Height & Width Of The Tree

Two main factors that affect the overall price of having a tree removed are the height and width of the tree. Many tree companies will charge you based on how many feet high your tree is. However, they may charge more per foot for a tree that is really thick and less per foot for an equally tall tree that is not as wide. 

#2 Equipment Used To Cut Down The Tree

Another factor that tree companies take into consideration is the equipment that they will need to use to cut down the tree. If they can send a logger up the tree to cut it down in pieces, the cost is generally going to be less than if they have to bring in a large piece of equipment in order to cut down your tree or a couple of pieces of equipment. Be sure to inquire about different ways to take down the tree and how the removal method will affect the overall cost of cutting down the tree.

#3 Hazards That Are Nearby

The next thing that tree companies take into consideration are the conditions around the tree. If for example, the tree is right next to a power line, you may get charged more due to the danger working near a power line and the extra precautions that require the company to take. Other things can present hazards as well, such as marshy land that makes the ground unstable or other trees that are really close by. That is why you need to make sure that the tree removal service actually inspected your property before providing you with a quote to ensure that the quote they give you is accurate and there will not be any extra cost surprised when they cut down the tree.

#4 Time Frame

Finally, the time frame when you need the tree removed can affect the overall cost of the removal process. If for example, a tree has been damaged in a storm and you need a company to come out within twenty-four hours to deal with the tree, you are going to pay more than if the tree company can freely fit the tree removal into their schedule.

These are just a few of the factors that tree companies take into consideration when building a quote to remove trees on your property. If you are unsure about any parts of the quote you get, be sure to ask about the reasoning behind the pricing.

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