Handling Damaged Trees After A Storm

Storms can leave behind a substantial amount of damage, even if they only consist of strong wind speeds. For instance, a windstorm can leave a homeowner in a position in which his or her trees are damaged and left in poor condition. It can be difficult to figure out how to handle such a situation without the professional knowledge of an arborist. The reason why is because sometimes problems lie within the damage that isn't easily detected without experience with caring for trees. The content in this article provides an explanation of how a tree service can be helpful after a storm causes damage.

Clear Your Property of Damaged Tree Debris

When a tree service is hired to assist with storm damage restoration, the first step will be to clear out debris from damaged trees. The reason why is because getting rid of the debris will allow an arborist to perform a thorough evaluation of the type of work that is needed. Debris that is typically left behind after a storm damages trees includes, branches, leaves, bark, and sometimes trees are completely uprooted and need to be removed from the property. 

Assess the Amount of Damage from the Storm

When damage is being assessed, an arborist will look in areas that are often overlooked by an amateur. For instance, if any of your trees are leaning, an arborist will want to examine the soil, as the problem likely lies within the roots. He or she will also be able to climb up each tree to thoroughly examine all of the branches. A careful assessment is important after a storm because making the wrong decisions can be detrimental in the future, such as when it comes to branches breaking and your overall property value.

Determine How the Damaged Trees Should Be Handled

An arborist will let you know if your trees should be removed, or if it is wise to simply repair them. For instance, if a substantial amount of damage was caused and the trees were already suffering from diseases being present, removing them might be ideal. However, there are many other factors that will be considered before it is suggested that the trees are removed. 

Take Measures to Make Your Trees More Stable

After severely damaged trees have been removed, an arborist can take measures to ensure that the ones remaining are able to withstand future storms. For example, if there are weak branches on any of the trees that can possibly return to good health, an arborist can place braces on them. The braces will prevent wind from causing the branches to break during the recovery process. Measures can also be taken to protect your trees from the lightning strikes that storms sometimes cause.

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