Why Remove A Large Shade Tree?

If you are lucky enough to have large, shady trees on your property, you may never think that getting rid of a tree is actually a good idea. Sometimes tree removal is best. Getting rid of a tree should always be done by a licensed professional since the process is time-consuming, requires special tools, and can be dangerous. If you aren't sure if a shade tree on your land should be taken out, consult with a tree expert while using this guide to help you make your decision.

Your tree is in a bad spot

Ideally, a large shade tree is in the middle of the yard where it can produce the most amount of shade without obstructing views or being in the way. Sometimes, however, a home is remodeled without the thought of where an existing tree is placed or the tree itself gets much larger than the homeowner thought it would and becomes a detriment over time. If your large shade tree is near your home's roof, overhangs a power line, or is near your fence, then you may want to have the tree removed.

Some trees can be relocated to another section of the yard, but this should only be done if you have space on your land to relocate the tree. Your tree specialist will let you know if removal is best.

Your tree has offending roots

A large tree will have a large root structure. Roots can get in your plumbing system, disrupt your fence line, and cause other issues in your yard. Your tree expert can simply kill large roots if they are the main problem. However, sometimes the whole tree needs to be removed, especially if the tree is diseased, damaged, or is otherwise an eyesore on your property.

Your tree is a nuisance

Even a tree can be considered a weed, producing saplings and suckers or lots of leaves around your yard. If you have a tree that is annoying you for any reason, then you may want to have it taken out. Cottonwood trees and other species are known for causing allergies and making yards messy, so the type of tree you have can warrant removal as well.

Before you have a tree removed, get a price for the services from your local tree removal service. Removal should include the removal of the leaves, branches, and logs once the tree is gone. Stump removal can also be done for an additional charge.

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