Signs That You Need Professional Tree Trimming

One type of maintenance that you may be ignoring around your home is tree trimming. It's something that many homeowners don't think of doing, but it is an important task for the overall health of the trees on your property. Here are some signs that you should have professional tree trimming done.

Excessive Growth

When a tree has excessive growth, it is known as overhang, which can best be described as when you have large branches that have gotten to the point that they are considered a potential safety hazard. These branches run the risk of falling down and landing on your home, nearby utility lines, or other structures. Trees that hang over a roof also cause problems with allowing more moisture on the surface. You may notice that those parts of the roof actually have more wear and tear, are dirty, or have issues with deteriorating shingles. 


You may need to have your trees trimmed if there is an indication that they have a disease, even if it is a minor one that is only affecting a few branches and leaves. You may notice that some leaves are discolored, some branches are dead, or the trunk or limbs of the tree are growing a fungus. If you catch the disease early on, you likely have a shot of removing the diseased portion and saving the whole tree from needing to be cut down. 

A tree trimmer will not only be able to take care of those diseased parts of the tree so that it does not spread further, but they will check if other trees on your property have a disease. Know that the professionals you hire are not simply trying to do more work on your property, but they are preventing the disease from spreading further and leading to more problems. 


Storms are largely responsible for damaging trees on your property. You may have limbs and branches that are now broken, including those that haven't fully separated and are now hanging off the tree. It is not only a safety hazard to leave these damaged branches, but it's not good for the tree itself. Branches need to be cut off at certain parts of the tree to keep it healthy. Even if a branch broke off clearly on the limb, it needs to be cut at the collar of the branch so that you do not have problems with tree rot. 

For more information, contact a tree trimming company near you.

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