3 Critical Reasons To Hire A Landscape Maintenance Professional For Your Home

Have you grown tired of having the least-attractive lawn in the area? Does it feel like you're always doing work and not actually making much progress? Although growing a lawn isn't the most complicated task that you can undertake, it can nevertheless be difficult depending on the climate and soil where you live. You could give up on the task entirely, admitting defeat and letting your lawn look half-abandoned, or you could hire someone to take care of your lawn for you. There are a number of things that professionals can do that the average person might have difficulty with, including the following.

Reseeding: Initially, reseeding your lawn sounds pretty easy. You add seeds and water, and then you wait for the grass to grow. But the seed that they sell at the store might not be the seed that is best for your particular lawn. A landscape maintenance professional will be able to identify which varieties of grass will grow best on your property and whether you might need to kill off your current lawn in order for the new one to take hold. It might even be best to opt for prepared rolls of sod — that's something the professional will be able to discuss with you.

Aeration and dethatching: When a lawn has been growing in one place for a long period of time, the dead roots and the living roots can become tangled up with one another so that the grass plants don't have enough room to grow. Dethatching by a professional landscape maintenance team can help break up these dead roots so that they decompose and make more room for the living plants. This is something typically done only every year, depending on growing conditions. Aeration of your lawn should also usually be done annually in order to help promote growth between dethatching sessions.

Fertilizing: As you have probably noticed, lawns grow much faster than most other plants. Even if some flower or vegetable seedlings initially grow faster, this isn't a sustained growth and they soon slow down. Grass, on the other hand, wants to keep growing quickly as long as the weather is good and there is sufficient water. This fast growth can quickly deplete nutrients in the soil. This usually involves a lack of nitrogen, but a prolonged absence of proper fertilizer can also deplete magnesium and other nutrients from the soil. A professional landscape maintenance expert can test your soil to see what nutrients might be lacking, and they can get you back on track so you can have a good fertilization schedule.

For more information, contact a landscape maintenance company.

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