Caring For Your Trees After A Storm

Have you made it through a life-changing storm and are wondering how to pick up the pieces and begin the repairs on your property? According to Home Advisor, the average homeowner can expect to spend around $8,327 on house repairs after a violent hail and rainstorm. However, while making necessary house repairs, many homeowners overlook the damaged trees on their property.

Here are a few ways you can help salvage your damaged trees after a storm, clean up your yard, and prevent your trees from suffering future storm damage.

Check for Downed Power Lines

Before approaching the trees, check the area for any downed powerlines. If you notice a powerline on the ground anywhere on your property, including near damaged trees, contact your local utility company immediately. In addition to making sure the powerline is safely removed, the utility company will note where the powerlines damaged the trees.

If the powerlines are the cause of your damaged trees, it may be the responsibility of the utility company to remove any damaged branches and clean up any damage caused by the downed powerlines and fallen branches and limbs.

Remove Broken Branches and Limbs

Examine your trees and make note of any damaged branches and limbs. In addition to placing strain on the tree, the damaged branches and limbs are in danger of falling in the future, which could damage your property and cause an accidental injury to your family, friends, or pets. Contact a professional tree service before removing any branches and limbs.

Larger branches and limbs that are near the top of taller trees should also be removed by a professional. It requires tools, knowledge, and experience to safely remove even smaller branches that are near the top of trees. It may be safe to remove smaller branches near the ground yourself. However, if the branch or limb is larger and you do not feel comfortable eliminating the branch yourself, a professional can take on this task for you.

Remove Debris from Your Yard

After the storm and once damaged branches and limbs are removed from the damaged trees, it is time to start the arduous task of cleaning up your yard. You will need some gloves, rakes, lawn bags, and a wheelbarrow to move all the debris. Consider renting a woodchipper to eliminate larger branches and limbs.

Contact your municipality or waste management provider to learn how to safely and legally get rid of the branches and tree debris. For example, depending upon where you live, you may be able to unload the lawn bags and branches at a local municipality drop off site.

Protect Your Trees from Future Storm Damage

After you cleaned up the mess, it is time to prevent your trees from suffering storm-related damage in the future. Here are a few simple tips to help you protect your trees and minimize any storm-related damage:

  1. Remove or trim trees near powerlines. Contact a professional tree service to have any trees that are growing around or near powerlines removed. This is especially important for larger or compromised trees that have the potential to seriously damage structures on your property.
  2. Have your trees professionally inspected. Ask a professional to look for any signs of sickness, insect infestation, or other vulnerable trees that are at risk of falling during a storm.
  3. Have your trees regularly pruned. Hire a professional to prune your trees, especially those that are top-heavy or at risk of falling or being damaged during a storm.

Keep a close eye on your trees and if you notice any damaged or falling limbs, contact a professional to have the limbs removed before any major storm.

From removing damaged or dead branches to seeking the assistance of a professional to ensure your trees are healthy, there are several things you can do to clean up after a storm, salvage any trees that were damaged during a storm, and prevent future storm damage.

For more information, contact a tree trimming service.

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