Trees And Your Yard

Everyone wants a beautifully landscaped yard with lots of flora, including trees. Trees can take your property to the next level, but not all trees are right for every yard. If you would like to know more, keep reading to understand trees and your yard.

What Can Trees Do?

Trees can be a great addition to your yard for many reasons. First, they offer natural shade, which can become a haven in the hot summer months. Even if you don't spend time outside in the summer, the shade can prevent the harmful UV rays from killing other plants, destroying the grass, and even fading material like decks, patio furniture, and kid toys. Trees can also add privacy to your yard and even inside the home by obscuring the view into windows.

Trees are also great at adding texture to your yard's landscaping. Plus, certain trees, such as non-native trees, flowering trees, expensive trees, and more, can become landmarks in your yard. If you adore wildlife, trees are a great way to attract birds and little critters like squirrels to your yard. That's because the tree would provide food, security, and a home.

What Are the Signs of a Problematic Tree?

Not all trees, however, are ideal. You'll want to get rid of any tree that is too close to the house, is damaging your landscaping, and/or is dying. Trees don't just grow tall with wide canopies. They also grow deep and wide underground. That's because their roots spread down and outward to find nutrients, like water, and for support.

If a tree is too close to your house or another structure, like your septic tank, it can cause damage. If the structure contains water like a septic tank, the tree roots may even seek out the source of water.

Some trees provide too much shade, which can destroy nearby plants, especially those that need lots of sunlight. If this is the case, you may be able to move the plants so that you can avoid removing the tree. If the tree prevents anything from growing under it, you may want to add ground coverage or risk possible erosion when it rains.

Last, a dying or dead tree is a deathtrap. You never know when it may fall over onto your house, car, or family member. For this reason, any dying/dead trees should be removed immediately. You'll also want to have the stump removed to prevent infestation.

Trees are beautiful, but when planted in the wrong spot, they can make a mess out of your landscaping. If you would like a tree to be removed, or if you want to know more about trees and your yard, contact a specialist in your area today. They can provide more information regarding landscaping services

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