Tips For Getting Your Trees Ready For Spring

As winter ends, your trees will benefit from preparation for spring growth. Most trees are dormant in the winter but rejuvenate as the weather warms and the days get longer. They use a lot of energy to grow back leaves and prepare for blooming.

Therefore, if you want healthy and productive trees, take steps while the weather is still cold to give them the best start. Keep reading to learn how to prepare your trees for spring, so they start the season off strongly.

Check Out Your Trees' Condition

Near the end of winter, check out your trees and ensure that insects or the weather haven't damaged them beyond saving. Large wounds or many missing branches may indicate a problem tree.

Clean Up Around Your Trees

As the snow melts, clean up any fallen leaves and debris around the tree's base. Remove any weeds that can leech nutrients and water from your tree. Also, consider testing your soil's pH, especially if you have a food-producing tree.

Prune Dead or Frost-Damage Branches

Remove dead or damaged branches before the spring warm-up. Leaving damage intact on your tree could invite disease-carrying pests that could cause severe problems down the road.

Fertilize Trees

Early spring is an ideal time to apply fertilizer before the tree begins to leaf and bloom. Make sure you follow the fertilization recommendations for your tree species. A tree service can help with this service if you are unable to do it yourself.

Examine and Prepare Your Mulch

Mulch is an excellent way to control moisture loss and prevent weeds. Replenish or add fresh mulch around the base of your tree. You only need to make the mulch a few inches deep. Start a couple of inches away from the trunk and spread evenly to one or two feet from the base. Don't pile up mulch against the roots and trunk.

Check Your Watering Routine

Late winter and early spring are great times to check your watering system and routine. Ensure the hoses and equipment are in good condition and function. If you don't like your current setup, spring is a great time to start out with a new type of irrigation.

Sometimes, winter is harsh on trees, so making a spring checklist is a smart idea once you see good weather ahead. If you have a tree that looks weak or sick, or you are not sure how to go about the pruning process, talk to an arborist. An arborist or tree service company can help your trees get a strong start for spring.

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