4 Tree Trimming Services Every Homeowner Needs To Know

If you have trees on your property, tree trimming is something that should be included in your property maintenance plans. It is not a good idea for homeowners to trim their own trees because their inexperience can produce major errors. This can lead to the death of a tree, stunted growth, disease, or risk of bodily injury and property damage. Trimming is an essential part of tree care. The following points identify a few types of tree trimming services:


This is a tree trimming service that is usually started when trees are young. It is routinely done to keep the shape of a tree as it ages. Pollarding services involve branch removals that initially leave behind the secondary branches. As trees mature, professionals assess them to ensure that the growth pattern is in a neat and concisely trimmed formation that promotes health and longevity. 

Dead Pruning

Sometimes homeowners are able to identify dead or decaying portions of their trees. However, it might be harder to detect these issues from the ground level. Dead portions of trees can pose a threat to the safety of humans and pets and cause property damage. Untreated tree diseases may kill a tree or cause other trees to become infected. Dead pruning involves the safe removal of dead portions. Trees may also get treated for disease, and their risk of infecting other trees may also be determined. This can help homeowners determine if they want to keep the tree. There is a good survival chance for trees that receive dead pruning services. 

Crown Thinning

The older a tree gets, the more branches it will grow. The top portion of the tree is referred to as the crown, and it can become full of small branches growing in the midst of it. Crown thinning services involve removing the smaller limbs to allow more air and sunlight to get through to larger underlying portions. This process promotes tree health and makes larger limbs stronger because they have to bear less weight when small limbs are removed from them. 

Crown Lifting

When tree branches overhang into certain areas, it can cause concerns about safety. Crown lifting services address these concerns by trimming away unnecessary branches and limbs. It involves trimming portions that contribute to unnecessary weight and overhang to the point of causing safety or property concerns. Branches that overhang sidewalks, building structures, and roadways commonly fit the profile for this service.

A tree services company is a good resource to use to determine if your trees need trimming. They can examine and offer appropriate trimming solutions. Routine tree care enhances safety and curb appeal. Contact a tree trimming service near you to learn more.

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