3 Types Of Damage You Might Have To Handle Because Of Poor DIY Tree Removal

Trees are a beautiful addition to every property because they give it character. They will offer years of curb appeal and functional benefits like cooler weather when well-maintained. However, a time usually comes when the tree gets old, becomes sick, or suffers other damages, prompting you to remove it. Most people have the misconception that tree removal is a simple process. However, this couldn't be further from the truth as the process can be complicated, creating massive damage if mishandled. Here are three types of damages your property might suffer because of poor DIY tree removal. 

Roof Damage

One of the first things a tree removal professional will do during the removal process is gauge the spatial relationship between your tree and the neighboring property. If they feel that the tree is too close to the house, they might have their climbers get to the top and remove some branches beforehand. It narrows down the possibility that parts of the tree will land on the roof and cause damage or make it cave in. The professionals also have the right tools to guide the tree away from the home and roofing to ensure it lands elsewhere. Remember that if the tree causes damage to your roof when you remove it yourself, you will have a challenge getting insurers to cover your losses. 

Damage to the Power Lines

One of the worst safety hazards you might have to handle during the removal is your tree landing on the power lines. If the lines are live, it could spark a fire with the potential to damage your entire property. It might also lead to electrocution, which causes severe injuries and fatalities in some cases. Tree removal experts will inspect the distance between the tree and the lines and determine the safest way to remove it without causing massive electrical issues in your neighborhood. 

Injuries to People

Another possible outcome of poor tree-felling practices is human injuries. You might get injured by falling branches or even the falling tree when you can't predict its fall path. A professional tree removal expert knows they need escape routes for their tree removal. They also know how to position the paths and clear them in case they need an emergency exit.

It is always simpler and less dramatic to handle tree removal with the help of a professional. You should speak to one close to you and get a safe and liability-free removal process. 

For more information on tree removal, contact a professional near you.

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