What You Should Know About Getting Rid Of The Stumps After Tree Removal On Your Property

Removing trees from your yard or property is the first step in clearing the space. Most tree removal services will cut the tree for you and chip the wood, but stump removal often falls to the property owner to deal with. There are some options for getting the stumps out, and some are better than others, so it is vital to research the process to determine which one you want to use.

Stump Grinding

One of the most common stump removal methods used is stump grinding. Grinding the stump up allows you to use the chips coming out of the grinder to fill the hole back in, and many stump grinding machines will mix the chips and bark with bits of soil that are kicked up during the grinding process. This will create an excellent organic filler that will break down over time in the hole.

The grinding waste is organic and will not harm the soil, and many people plant grass over it or place sod down to cover the area. In time, the chips will rot and can sink some, causing a low spot, but if you mix some fill dirt with it, overfill the hole, and compact it well, you can help prevent that from happening. The grinding machine can make short work of large diameter stumps, and most services have several large excavators available that allow them to get into tight spaces without damaging your property. 

Stump Removal

You may want to remove the stumps in your yard, and while that is an option, it often leaves a large hole in the yard that you will need to fill with dirt and soil. Stump removal commonly involves using an excavator to remove the soil around the base of the stump and pulling the stump and roots out of the ground with the machine. 

When the removal is done correctly, the only thing left behind is a hole in the ground. Once out of the ground, the entire stump and root system can go to a local landfill or private fill site that accepts the stumps. 

For larger stumps, a very large machine may be necessary, especially if the root system is deep. Often the contractor will need to dig around the stump with the machine before pulling it free, but if you are hauling fill in, you can mix the new fill with the soil coming out of the hole to fill it and compact it properly. 

In most cases, the contractor will haul the old stump away for you, and you may be able to have them bring some fill material in as well.  

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