Common Tree Trimming Questions Answered

The trees you have on your property are vital to the environment. They clean the air in your surroundings, act as windbreakers, and make the property appealing, among other benefits. As such, hiring a tree trimming expert is crucial for maintaining and improving the trees’ health. 

But, if you have never sought this service, you might have some questions. You'll likely want to confirm if you are making the right decisions. This post will share sample answers to questions you may ask your trimming pro.

Is There a Difference Between Trimming and Pruning?

In most cases, these tree maintenance services appear the same, but they differ. If you need a tree trimming service, it means you want the arborist to trim the trees to promote healthy growth and strength. Through this tree care service, the trees will not grow out of control or become weak. Trimming also entails canopy lifting, reduction, and thinning, all of which enhance the presentation of the plant.

On the other hand, pruning is essentially done to give plants a full manicure. Maybe some dangerous branches need removal to protect the plant or enhance safety in your home. For instance, you will need pruning service if there are diseased, damaged, or dead branches.

Can You Trim Protected Trees?

Having a protected tree around or on your property can sometimes create confusion during tree trimming. You'll likely wonder if you are allowed to instruct the arborist to trim it. Usually, each council has unique regulations on trimming protected trees. 

So, if your arborist confirms that the tree needs trimming, you should talk to the local authorities. If you intend to work with an arborist, you'll likely get a permit to trim the tree because these professionals are allowed to work on protected trees.

What If a Tree Is Close to Power Lines?

Trimming tree twigs that are close to utility lines can be risky. Any slight mistake could cause interference throughout your neighborhood, and you don't want to experience this. So, if one of your trees is near the power lines, don't try to DIY. Only a qualified tree trimming expert with proper equipment and insurance should work on such a project.

Before they start the task, they will inform the local council or power company to get recommendations or ask the provider to switch off the power for a while. This measure is meant to protect your property from hazards and ensure the utility company is aware of the trimming procedure in advance.

To learn more, contact a tree trimming service in your area.

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